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we started with tennis court and sport court construction over a decade ago in Dallas Ft Worth.

After building our first backyard basketball court that gave our customer the ability to play basketball, pickle  ball, a rebounder net to practice tennis, volleyball and lights so it didn't matter when they had the time to exercise on the court with their kids. We realized we were installing more than just a sport court or a tennis court. We actually design and install products that help families create memories while exercising and living a healthy lifestyle outside. This has been a motivating factor over the years behind what we do and that is transform backyards into usable spaces for our customers to enjoy together as a family. And we noticed the neighbors and friends seem to come over more once we're finished. We've even had a gate put in for the neighbors to get into our customers yard!

We are creating 'the' place to be for kids so you know where they will be hanging out. You don't have to wonder if they are at the park playing basketball cause they will be at home and so will their friends. You will need to stock up on water and Gatorade for the kids you let them have over to play. Another great feature is a sport court with a tile surface is usable shortly after a good rain. The tile system is raised to allow drainage and to help with impact shock to muscles and joints.

With all the options besides basketball or tennis on our courts you can develop many skills when adding a batting cage or an adjustable net for volleyball. The rebounder net allows kids to have a bounce back for practicing tennis or when they're home alone and can catch and shot off the spring back net of the rebounder. Shuffleboard lines can be added and the courts are big enough to accommodate a corn hole set up that stays dry and clean.

Indoor basketball courts take it to another level but not all houses are large enough to have them. We mostly install these on projects that we are involved on during the homes construction. We have installed many commercial indoor facilities with our indoor faux wood tile. We offer the first solid-top tile that marries quality floor finishes with the versatility and durability of a raised modular floor.

We offer products for the spaces around your backyard court as well. Artificial grass or a backyard putting green will help keep the areas low maintenance and won't track mud onto the court after a rain. Contact us to set up a free design consultation and get your family outside playing, 214.738.3840.        

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Tennis Court Construction Dallas
Tennis Court Construction Dallas
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