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Texas Turf and Pavers is the most trusted company for putting greens, dog turf and artificial grass installation in Dallas. 

It's been called a variety of different names over the years from Astroturf to fake grass but the new age synthetic grass is anything but unrealistic. With the advances in technology we are seeing all kinds of new products like automobiles that park themselves to TV's you can roll up. So it's no surprise that artificial grass is now looking more like real grass.

America's anthem these days is to GO GREEN and with synthetic turf products like artificial lawns you can help do your part. One square foot of real grass uses 46 gallons of water a year, do the math, a 1000 square foot of grass uses 46,000 gallons a year. Water is fairly inexpensive at the present time but all indicators say that may not be the case 10 years down the road. Rebate programs have been put in place in many western states to give a homeowner a rebate of $1 per square foot for replacing real grass with synthetic or artificial grass. Synthetic grasses require no watering, no chemicals to wash down the sewers and are available in a variety of styles to match the indigenous grasses of your region.

Our backyard putting greens are designed for the golfer looking to improve their short game. There is always a need to practice your swing at the driving range but what about when you get to the green? Numerous professional golfers and regular joes own our artificial putting greens to help them improve their putting and chip shots. We provide access to golf when we install a golf practice green at your home and that makes a huge difference in a golfers short game.

A child falling from a playground system is a reality for a lot of parents. Three-fourths of playground injuries are attributed to falls, so choosing an appropriate surface is the most important decision a school official, day care or a parent will make when choosing a playground surface. Our playground turf system is certified for its safety by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). It provides a more sanitary surface than sand, pea gravel or mulch. Completely anti-microbial and not subject to bacterial build up. Also available to meet IPEMA's ASTM F1292 requirements for up to a 12 foot critical head fall.

One of the largest sections of the artificial turf industry today is dog turf areas. Whether it is for a large scale pet facility or a residential backyard we are installing a large amount of pet turf every year now. The advancements in base material prep and natural odor reducing infills to go along with turfs designed to improve drainage and help with clean up.

The days are here for synthetic turfs to start replacing some of the outdated products in our city parks and in our own backyards. The benefits start to add up when you really take a look at the industry; less water usage, child safety, and the bragging rights of a lower golf score. Call us today and let us help you get started on transforming your yard or office into a maintenance free environment, 214.577.3444.

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